There are many new opportunities to ensure one is providing the best care possible for this debilitating disorder. Practitioners, nurses, and the entire care team will support their patients best when knowledgeable of all treatment options and considerations.

Learning Objectives:
Discuss primary hyperhidrosis, causes, signs and symptoms.
Discuss treatment options for primary hyperhidrosis.
Discuss risk and benefits of treatments and other considerations.

ANCC Credits: 1
Pharmacology Credit: 0.5 | 30 minutes

Heather Onoday is a nurse practitioner and assistant professor at Oregon Health and Science University in Portland, Oregon. She specializes in skin cancer, lasers, and procedural dermatology. She is a past president of the National DNA and is a current president of the NW Oregon chapter of the DNA. Speaker will be discussing off-label uses. Nothing else to disclose.

Diddy Dear is the youngest nurse to graduate from Chamberlain University College of Nursing. He is a board certified registered nurse trained to provide critical care to adults & pediatrics. Outside of his critical care interests, Diddy has always had a special place for dermatology & dermatological emergencies in & out of critical care settings. While he is not a full time dermatology nurse, Diddy believes every sect of nursing and medicine involves dermatology. He says, “Everyone has skin and it is important to provide appropriate education on skin health.” He graduates as a nurse practitioner in less then 60 days in which he hopes to pursue dermatology full time. Speaker will be discussing off-label uses. Nothing else to disclose.