This Surgical Workshop will provide Lectures and Videos on:Core principles and fundamental techniques of cutaneous surgery; Supplies and Instruments (preps, anesthesia, sutures); Biopsies (shave, punch), EDC, Elliptical Excisions, Mohs Surgery; Special cases and considerations (pregnancy, elders, when to refer) and managing complications (hematoma, dehiscence, dog-ear correction). Additionally, a Hands-On Session will allow participants to perform: Pressure Dressings, Suture Removal and Adhesive Strips; Interrupted sutures and Subcutaneous sutures and if time permits, Pulley sutures and Running sutures.

DNA is pleased to announce that Alcedo Health will be sponsoring and providing suture kits for hands-on for our Cutaneous Workshop taking place Saturday, March 9th, 2024 at the DNA 42nd Annual Convention.

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